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Alpha Ordinatum, Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft, Alternative Investmentfonds, Publikums AIF
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Alpha Ordinatum GmbH is a capital management company (KVG), as defined under the German Investment Act (KAGB). Our range of services comprises the planning and management of domestic investment assets in the form of closed-end public and special AIF (collective asset management). As a service KVG, our offerings are aimed at issuing houses and asset managers focusing on real estate and renewable energies asset classes.


Operating under the motto “Focus on your assets, while we handle the rest“, Alpha Ordinatum covers the full range of services of a service KVG. From risk management and complaint handling and funds accounting to portfolio management, our ability to scale up or down along with short line decision-making ensures that our solutions are tailor-made for each client. Not constrained by rigid structures, Alpha Ordinatum offers flexible and tailor-made solutions that cut through the clutter and zero in on services relevant to our clients, thereby reducing cost.


As a sister company of Primus Valor AG, which for a long time cooperated with external service KVGs, Alpha Ordinatum was created as a logical spin-off.


With many years of client-side experience under the belt, Alpha Ordinatum is well-equipped to understand client needs and wishes. Since we do not issue our own funds, we are free to devote our full attention to supporting our clients.


Within the parameters of such a partnership, Alpha Ordinatum supports Germany’s currently fastest-growing issuer. Alpha Ordinatum GmbH currently manages alternative investment funds with a total equity volume of approx. EUR 325 mn.


Property portfolio investments have a long tradition in Germany, but to date only so-called open-ended investment funds (e.g. equity funds) are directly supervised by regulators. Since the adoption of the German Investment Code (KAGB) and the new product category „Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)“ in 2013, unregulated products raising capital from private investors with little oversight or control exercised by supervising authorities have be-come a thing of the past.


This marked the beginning of a new era both for the investment industry and for investors. Comprehensive checks imposed by multiple institutions ensure a high level of security: Controlling and risk management by management companies and securing investments by depositary institutions.



has worked as a consultant since 1992, later as an executive and managing director in the financial services market. As chairman of the supervisory board of Primus Valor AG, he was the driver behind launching all the real estate funds from the ImmoChanceDeutschland series. As a member of the advisory board, he has for many years assisted countless fund companies with products from various asset classes. At Alpha Ordinatum, Mr. Grundler is in charge of portfolio management.


received a PhD in the field of intellectual property law from the University of Bielefeld in 2006. He took up employment with a listed issuing house and then primarily worked as a consultant for issuing houses and shipping companies. He also took on the role of interim manager for various fund companies. At Alpha Ordinatum, he is responsible for risk management and complaint handling.


Portfolio management is a primary responsibility of a KVG and comprises the following phases:
  • Acquisition and investment phase
  • Management and administration of AIF assets (management phase)
  • Realization and liquidation (liquidation phase)
Prior to each purchase of assets, a due diligence check is carried out which includes the following steps:


  • Verifying that intended investment conforms withinvestment conditions and the information contained in the prospectus as well as key investor information (wAI)
  • Ensuring that persons responsible for the investment process have the required expertise
  • Preparing and updating a business plan in line with the investment period
  • Selecting and evaluating transactions in line with the business plan, taking into account existing opportunities and associated risks
  • Ensuring that the assets to be acquired match the fund’s risk profile
  • Regular monitoring of investment funds performance against the business plan
Besides portfolio management, a capital management company’s (KVG) second key area of responsibility is risk management. The risk management process consists of the following phases:
  • Identification of risks
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk control and monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Internal Audit

Risk management ensures compliance of the risk management system with the risk profiles disclosed to investors in accordance with the defined risk limits of each investment fund and is also applied to our activities as capital management company and the funds we manage, and to all corporate functions performed by Alpha Ordinatum GmbH that have been outsourced to other companies.

Complaint handling


In everything we do, we ensure that KAGB product rules are complied with over the entire term of the respective investment, in accordance with investor interest. That‘s why it‘s particularly important to us that investors are satisfied with our work



has worked as an attorney and notary public in the fields of corporate and real estate law since 1976. Since 1990, Dr. Kickler has also been a member of the administrative committee of the pension fund of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Dentists, where he is responsible for the administration of various types of investment.


works as a freelance consultant and lawyer for companies in the real estate industry and has many years of experience in corporate management, development, asset management and controlling real estate funds. She is primarily focused on the acquisition of project developments in the real estate sector and acquisition and support of institutional investors.


holds a degree in business administration and since 1996 has been a managing partner at the management consultancy of Perlitz Strategy Group GmbH & Co. KG. where he oversees financing, accounting and recapitalization as well as business consulting for corporates.